PB4L      -       MANA     

PB4L stands for Positive Behaviour for Learning

MANA is at TAMATEA Primary School



M - Mahi Tahi… we cooperate, be tolerant, flexible and work hard

A - Ako… we learn collaboration, digital literacy and problem solving skills

N - Ngakau Pono… we have a sense of self-worth and mana

A - Awhina… we show kindness and care for others


© 2013 Tamatea Primary School

10 Durham Avenue


Napier 4112


Contact Us!

E-mail: office@tamateaprimary.school.nz


Phone: 06-8432147

Fax: 06-8432152

Office Hours 8am - 3pm Monday to Friday


Principal: Ruth Woolhouse 

E-mail: principal@tamateaprimary.school.nz

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