Our Staff

Mrs Ruth Woolhouse

Name: Ruth Woolhouse

Responsibilities: Principal

What you love about TPS: 

Mrs Jo Aplin

Name: Jo Aplin

Year Level: Yr 5 and 6 

Responsibilities: Assistant Principal, Kahui Senior POD Leader, Sports Coordinator, PB4L Coach, Lead Maths Teacher, Teacher of Yr 5 & 6 class.  

What you love about TPS: Our friendly community and whanau who want the best for their tamariki, loyal staff who support each other when times are tough, and work so hard to help every child in our school achieve success. 

Miss Kerry Ebbett


Name:  Kerry Ebbett

Year Level:  1&2

Responsibilities:  Classroom teacher, Deputy Principal,  SENCO

What you love about TPS:  

Mr Russell Nelson 

Name: Mr Russell Nelson 

Reponsibilities: Caretaker

What you love about TPS: 

Mrs Irmie Johansen

Name: Irmie Johansen


Year Level: New Entrant/year 1

Responsibilities: Classroom teacher, mentor teacher, Website, Facebook, Discovery Learning,  part of the management team. 

What you love about TPS: The wonderful school culture and that children are all very eager to participate in everything TPS has to offer. The staff are all part of a great team who work really hard. 



Mrs Carolyn Roff

Name: Carolyn Roff

Reponsibilities: Secretary 

What you love about TPS: 

Mrs Kath Gundersen 

Name: Kath Gundersen 


Year Level: Year 1

Responsibilities: Classroom teacher

What you love about TPS: 



Name: Maryanne

Reponsibilities: Helping Carolyn keep things running smoothly behind the scenes!

What you love about TPS:  The enthusiasm the teachers have for all the little people we are privileged to care for each day.

Mrs Maryanne 

Miss Laura Major

Name: Laura Jardine

Year Level: Year 2/3

Responsibilities: Part of the Literacy team, Classroom teacher

What you love about TPS:This is my fourth year at Tamatea Primary and I am really enjoying getting to know my new class. I love how friendly the kids can be and the regular support given by my colleagues.

Ms Denise Angove

Name: Denise Angove

Year Level: across the school 

Responsibilities: Teacher Aide, Librarian

What you love about TPS: it is like a family. All my five children came to Tamatea Primary at some point. 

Mrs Alison Lindstrom

Name: Alison Lindstrom

Year Level:  Year 4/5

Responsibilities: Classroom Teacher

What you love about TPS: I enjoy the smallness of the school. Staff and children know everyones name.  It is a community based school with some amazing kids attending the school.

Mrs Keryn Stok

Name: Keryn Stok

Year Level: across the school 

Responsibilities: Teacher Aide in Room 7, Afcare. 

What you love about TPS: it has a very welcoming and family feeling to it. 

Mrs Davina Bron-Miller

Name: Mrs Davina Bron-Miller

Year Level: Year 4/5

Reponsibilities: Classroom Teacher

What you love about TPS: The size of the classrooms and the resources available to students.  I have just moved to Napier after spending the last 10years teaching at Te Awamutu Primary School in their senior school.  I have 3 children and I am married to Rainier who has 4 teenage boys.  I love being a teacher, and feel very privileged to be part of children's lives.

Ms Kelly Elliot

Name: Kelly Elliott

Year Level: across the school

Responsibilities: Teacher Aide working with a variety of children, Chair Person for the Home and School Association, Basketball Coach.

What you love about TPS: I have been involved with Tamatea Primary School for close to 10 years with my own children also attending the school. I have been a Teacher Aide for 4 years and thoroughly enjoy our community based school. I have worked with all year levels over the years. I love watching our children excel and grow in their journey through primary. An added bonus is the staff are amazing too.

Mrs Lana Purcell



Name: Mrs Lana Purcell


Year Level: Year 5&6

Reponsibilities: Classroom teacher, Literacy leader, Kāhui Ako Within School teacher, Basketball coaching, Kapa Haka roopu 

What you love about TPS: The kids!

Ms Viki Jane Rarere

Name: Ms Viki Jane Rarere

Year Level: across the school 

Reponsibilities: Teacher Aide, Kapa Haka leader

What you love about TPS: 

Mrs Kellie Harkness

Name: Kellie Harkness

Year Level: Year 1&2

Reponsibilities: Permanent Reliever

What you love about TPS: 

Mrs Lynda Brown 

Name: Lynda Brown 

Year Level: across the school 

Reponsibilities: Teacher Aide

What you love about TPS: 

Mrs Becs Symes

Name: Becs Symes

Year Level: across the school

Reponsibilities: Permanent Reliever

What you love about TPS: 

Ms Lauren Pitts

Name: Lauren Pitts

Year Level: Year 5/6

Responsibilities: Permanent Reliever, Art Club

What you love about TPS: I love how friendly and open TPS is.  Everyone is valued for the different things they bring to the school, Teachers, students, whanau... This year, I am really enjoy working in Room 7 alongside Jo Aplin. I teach at Tamatea Intermediate as well so I am very fortunate to see some of the students beyond Tamatea Primary.  I feel the friendship, respect and camaraderie of all at the school as soon as I walk through the gates. A very special learning environment.


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