Tamatea Primary School PB4L Purpose Statement 2021

PB4L is built on the principles that positive behaviour can be learnt and that environments can be changed, to support effective teaching and learning for every child. 

This will: 

  • Involve collaboration between whānau, tamariki and Tamatea Primary School Staff. 

  • Be led by evidence-based practice and implemented in culturally responsive ways. 

  • Be the heart of the school culture.

  • Create a positive and inclusive learning environment, improving academic achievement.

These are our Tamatea Primary School Values

Tamatea Primary School PB4L Positive Rewards

Fast and frequent

  • MANA card clicks - classroom

  • Playground tokens

  • Tumeke Tamariki Cards

Medium and Meaningful 

  • Fortnightly house reward time

  • Termly reward 4 students per class

  • MANA bands

  • Pod and Principal Awards

Long and strong

  • MANA metallic badges

  • Annual Water Day for playground token target achieved